Friday, February 11, 2011

Lowering Snow Mountains

This week we had a local company clean the 18 - 24 inches of snow off parts of our roof to reduce the probability of ice dam damage during the upcoming thaw.  Because the snow had to go somewhere, in the front of the house it ended up outside the window of our formal dining room:

 Since the thaw is coming, that snow mountain will melt and go somewhere - maybe the basement under that part of the house.  A flooded basement is about as appealing as ice dam leakage, so I spent about four hours today with my trusty snow shovels and snow blower moving the snow from  in front of the dining room window into the the yard.  We already had about two feet of snow on the yard which didn't increase much with this addition.  This year the snow is deep enough we may still have melting snow into May or June.

Success!!  The mountain is gone and the snow is pulled away from the house.  The basement should remain dry during the thaw.  Now, I have to work on the mountain they left in the back yard.  That is lower and can wait until another day.

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